Don’t Panic! gift certificate

Don’t Panic is the newest entertainment space in Vilnius created by really passionate people.

It is the most modern and professional escape room and entertainment space in Vilnius.

Don’t Panic started with a unique interactive Space Wars game, which became very popular. Moreover, there are already 2 escape rooms under construction, which, we believe, will become the most immersive and interesting escape rooms in Vilnius.

Best present

With Don’t Panic! gift certificate you will open a new adventurous world to a presentee. A lot of fun and excitement is guaranteed. Impressions are always better than things.

Unique experience

There is nothing similar in Lithuania. If you want to amaze your presentee with something special and unusual, Don’t Panic! gift certificate is the best choice.

Space Wars game

Space Wars is a well known from childhood battleship game which is now in a new interactive format.

The battle happens in the space and your big group (up to 6 people) is divided into 2 competitive teams: Humans and Aliens. Each team’s goal is to damage other team’s space fleet. Unlike classic battleship game, your team has more opportunities to act: scanning the enemy’s field, maneuver with your own ships and, of course to shoot. 4 monitors with touch screens, different control levers and buttons will help you with that.

The team with best strategy, teamwork and acting speed will win the battle for Earth.

The best thing about this game is that your team can play it as many times as you want and every time it will be different (of course, if you will act in different way :))

Space Wars game is an amazing place for team building or corporate celebration of some company occasion.

  • Time: 75min
  • Number of players: 4-6 persons (2-3 vs 2-3)
  • Limitations: 13+, alcoholic, narkotik intoxication
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Gift-certificate + Panika

Paper gift certificate together with beautiful Panika doll.

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